Disability Income Insurance

If you suffer a disability… Let’s go down the list.

Are your loans covered?
How would you replace your income to continue the lifestyle you have achieved?
Would your business be protected or fail?

Your most valuable asset is your ability to perform your specialty, and that is why you buy disability insurance. And depending on your specialty, even a minor mishap could spell significant need. 

Do you have disability insurance?
Is it enough?
How long must you wait before it triggers?
Is the cost commensurate with the coverage?
Is it the right insurance with the right carrier for you?

At the Fishman Financial Group we specialize in covering Physicians with the proper insurance coverages regardless is you are a first year Resident or own a multifaceted practice.  Combine that expertise with the experience of Attorney Jack Fishman, JD will find yourself in professional, seasoned hands rather than a sales meeting.

Find out more. It costs nothing to compare Coverage, Rates, Quality. There is clearly a difference. Find out today with The Fishman Financial Group.

Is your business protected? Your most valuable asset is your ability to perform your specialty, and that is why you buy disability insurance. However, if you own your own practice or you are responsible for at least a portion of the expenses associated with your practice, then you need a policy that will pay the bills until you are back to work.

You have disability insurance to protect your personal income. But where will the money come from to pay your staff, rent, mortgage, utilities, and who’s going to be in charge of caring for your patients while you are taking care of your health?

That’s where Business Overhead Disability Insurance comes in. Business Overhead coverage is designed with short waiting periods and can be used to pay for all the expenses associated with running your practice, such as:

  • Health Insurance Premiums
  • Staff Expenses
  • Rents & Mortgages
  • Medical Supplies
  • The costs associated with having to hire another physician to see your patients